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I'm glad you asked. It's a fish, and that is the Latin name for it. It’s commonly known as the Tench. That’s my last name. The name’s origins are disputed—maybe it’s French, maybe English. The fish got its start in Europe. In some parts of the world it’s now classified as non-native, invasive. In others, it’s applauded for keeping waterways clean as a bottom feeder. They have squarish tail fins. I have squarish feet. I have a big head. They have pretty proportionally-sized heads as far as fish go. 


However, to most people (outside of fisher persons and ecologists), Tinca Tinca doesn’t mean anything, or it means something very different. I’ve often asked the question, “what do you think of when you hear the words ‘Tinca Tinca’?” to an array of people, and gotten a wide range of answers: It’s the sound of a toy train. Isn’t that the name of one of the Teletubbies? It’s the sound robots make when they come to life in the night. It’s the sounds of urination. It means nothing, and it means lots of things. I’ve decided to add one more meaning to the list: it’s an indie rock band I’m delighted to have put together. We put out our first album in October 2021, and some singles before that. Check it out; you might like it. There aren’t any songs about fish (yet). 

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